LA2DC Leg 12 Day 7 – 4/30/15

Marash: Majdanek

Hugoton to Mulinville, Kansas

Today was another one of those days where we started right from the motel so that gave us a little extra time in the morIMG_2344ning which was nice!

Our wonderful Chef George made us another great breakfast consisting of oatmeal,waffles, eggs and fruit to energize us and send us on our way.

Todays team consisted of Anush, Kevork and I. This was Anush’s fifth day of riding and my seventh so our legs were a little fatigued.  Kevork just joined us so this was his first day of riding. Kevork had just completed his first Century ride a few weeks ago so this was the longest ride he had ever completed. 11165942_10153221299660056_2061267785_n

Anush and I gave Kevork some quick pointers on riding in a group and drafting. He was a quick learner and appreciative of the tips. We enjoyed his enthusiasm and spirit!

This Leg was pretty flat with only a few small rollers and some unexpected longer descents that put a smile on our faces. We did have the usual cross wind blowing north but at times we had a nice tailwind giving us a welcome gentle push.

We stopped for a seat height adjustment and the paparazzi were all over us!IMG_2335

For as far as the eye could see there were miles and miles of wheat fields. It looked nice but became a bit monotonous after a while.

To break up the monotony we sang songs. Kevork led us in a few Armenian songs. We sang one of Anush’s favorites! Old McDonald had a farm… Yeah things can get a little crazy after hours and days on the road!

After the ride we dropped Anush off at the airport in Wichita. I enjoyed riding with her and was bummed to see her go but she promised to return for the last Leg into D.C.


Ride stats:
Miles 114.6
1578′ Elevation gain

Ride stats on Strava

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