LA2DC Leg 14 Day 8 – 5/1/14

 Marash : Majdanek

Wichita to Yates Center


Todays I teamed up with Armen, Kevork and Vatche for this Leg.IMG_2350

The first 20 miles of this ride was through the city. Some of the roads were very rough which was not good for the saddle sores! This would be the most stop lights and the most turns since we left L.A. I am not a fan of city riding and that is why I mostly mountain bike.  


As we were rolling through town I saw this street sign for Holyoke Street. When my grandfather first moved to the States from Diyarbekir he lived in Holyoke Massachusetts so this made me think of him and our cousins that he came with the Simsarians.

Once we got out of the city the road was fairly smooth. The wind was blowing north as it has been for the last few days. Our first stop was around 45 miles at the city hall for a restroom break, snack, photos and say goodbye to our friend Kevork who would be heading home. Kevork’s wife cheered us on along the way waving her Armenian flag. IMG_2376

By myself but not alone, rover, wanderer…

We kept on rolling with a few short stops along the way. The pace was slower than I was used to and at mile 90 our support driver Thomas told me that we could split up and Bobby would stay with Vatche and Armen. Most days I tried to keep everyone together but with the rough road I really was ready to get  off the bike so I jammed ahead to the finish line. Vatche and Armen would roll in About 20 minutes later.

Ride stats:
108.3 Miles
2162′ Elevation gain
3324 Calories burned
Average temperature during the ride 79 degrees. It will only get warmer from here on out.

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