LA2DC Leg 4 Day 3 – 4/26/15

On Friday we stood amongst a sea of our people, today we flowed like a River on our way to D.C.!

imageToday we started an hour behind schedule on Leg 4. We started with a group of 6 riders. Four of us split off not long after the start. My friend Garen Yegparian pulled us like a freight train allowing us to get in a good warm up and conserve energy. Then Arthur Barsegyan, Eric and I split off from Garen and took turns in front breaking the wind. Aimagefter 45 miles or so Arthur backed off the pace and Eric and I kept rolling. It was cold and windy out with head and cross winds that made it very challenging. With the late start I was concerned with making the 12:30 baton pass. Around 70 miles in the wind shifted and we had a strong tail wind. This allowed us to bring our speeds up to 27-32 MPH. We quickly made up some much needed time. We kept a strong fast pace with only a couple brief stops. We made it to the Baton pass at 12:31! 107 miles in less than 6:00 hours.

The team really came together today and we made great time!

Ride Stats:
107.5 Miles
4190′ Elevation gain
8574 Calories burned

Ride stats on Strava

The hardest part of the day was saying goodbye to my friend and training partner Roobik. He fractured his shoulder in yesterdays crash and can not ride for 6-8 weeks! LA2DC is loosing one of if not the strongest rider on the team!


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