New Bike

After Interbike I was pretty stoked about getting a new bike! I had several hours to think about it while driving home. I knew Incycle was having a sale and blowing out the 2013 models to make room for the 2014’s. They carry Pivot and I was interested in the LES. When I got there I found out they did not have the LES in large. They had a medium that I checked out. The components on it were not exactly what I wanted.  They had a Specialized Stumpjumper S Works with full XTR set up. It was more money than I wanted to spend but it sure was nice! They set it up for a test ride and away I went. The bike felt great so I pulled the trigger and bought it! This is my first top of the line bike with all the best of the best components!

In the back of my mind I had some reservations about buying a hardtail bike. I have been riding a full suspension Mountain Bike since the purchase of my GT LTS back in early 1994. Of course I have become a much better rider since 1994 and honestly many of my local trails had become very easy on my Titus El Guapo 6″ travel bike. I figured a hardtail could make things more challenging again and of course make climbing more fun! It is also great on the road so it is going to be ideal for touring where I will do on and off road stuff.

After 7 rides on the bike I am stoked and very happy I made the purchase. This bike climbs unbelievably. On one local 3.5 mile climb in the Verdugo Hills I shaved 6 minutes off my best time since I have been keeping track starting in 2006. Descending is actually not as bad as I thought. It handles very well and is a lot of fun up or down! I am still getting used to it and I need to build up some more hand strength to deal with the lack of suspension. The bigger wheels really roll once they get going. It is hard to go slow on this thing!

I have ordered a gravity dropper seat post to be able to lower the seat on the fly. I will also be changing the grips to ESI for a more comfortable ride.

About 30 minutes before it would get dirty for the first time!
About 30 minutes before it would get dirty for the first time!

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